GraceNotes for Girls E-Magazine - 2013-2014

$ 10.00

Do you know any "tween" (or even teen!) girls that would enjoy their own magazine?  One that is full of Christ-honoring stories, fun games, lovely pictures and delicious recipes to help them on their journey toward becoming a beautiful woman of God?

Why not try GraceNotes for Girls! 

We have two options availabe:

Email: We can email you all the issues, but will end up sending you at least 4 emails. If you don't like a crowded inbox, you can try our second option!

CD: Includes the Trial Edition, the Summer, Autumn, and Christmas editions from 2013, and the Winter edition from 2014, all on a handy CD so you won't lose them.

Here are some comments we've received...

"I finally got a chance to read GraceNotes with my 8 yr. old yesterday. It was a sweet time together and she would like to get that e-magazine. She liked the story and the puzzles. She eats gluten-free too so it was fun for her to see the recipe."

"My daughter is enjoying these!"

"My daughter loved the trial issue and when I went to check out what other issues were available, I was pleased to see the winter addition and all the others. These are wonderful magazines!"

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