Classic Home Journal Monthly Home Blessings

$ 2.00

The Classic Home Journal Monthly Home Blessings Pages (printed in booklet form to add to your planner!) give you a plan to get to those extra tasks around the home that we seem to neglect.  On the Monthly Home Blessing sheets, each month has a theme, whether it be "New Beginnings", "Outdoor Upkeep", "Living Room", or "Closing out the Year". Each month I have listed 10-20 things that could be done that month. That sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it?? But, really, if you do just one thing each day or two, you'll be done! And many of them don't take much time, it's just that we forget about them... things like "Check for cobwebs" and "Check outdoor lightbulbs". If you find an item that will take longer, maybe you'll want to recruit help on a Saturday and reward them with frozen pizza, some soda and a family game night afterward! :-)

Please note!  If you order the Classic Home Journal set, the Monthly Home Blessings are printed on the side of the calendar, so you wouldn't need to order this set unless you would like an extra copy. : )

All Classic Home Journal Series pages are printed and 7 hole-punched in house.   If you would prefer ARC/Circa punching, please note below.  For all Classic Home Journal Series products, please allow an extra 3-5 days for processing.  Thank you!

All Home Journal items are non-returnable and non-refundable.  Thank you for understanding!

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