Meet Mrs. GraceWorks

I remember sitting at my computer one evening (in the pre-smartphone days!)  begging the Lord to help me find a product that would help me “get it all together”.  I was a homeschool mom, a flute teacher, a demonstrator for a rubber stamping company, a Sunday School teacher, and I don’t even remember what else.  I had “flown” with FlyLady for a time, but things had changed and my life had gotten more busy and I didn’t even know where to start to get it back on track.  What I wanted was a planner that would encourage me to love my husband and love my children and learn from God’s Word that also would help me figure out how to keep my home in order and schedule my time better.  Did it exist?  On a whim, (which was, I’m sure, God-appointed!) I typed in the GraceWorks web address, although I wasn’t exactly sure why.  My friend had one of their gorgeous binders and I loved the beautiful Victorian pages, but she was single and the pages that worked for her weren’t going to help me.  But when the site opened, there was something new I hadn’t seen before…  The Beautiful Life Management System.    There it was -- the planner I had been praying for... A planner that combined daily housekeeping reminders with a focus on eternity!  Thank you Lord!!  

Nestled between the beautifully colored tabs I found pages that covered everything from Priorities, to Things to Do, to a housecleaning schedule and meal plan.  There was a place to keep track of your exercise/menu/vitamin and water intake and even a little spot to write down a blessing, memory or lesson for the day.  One of my favorite sections, though, quickly became the Morning Latte pages.  Here was a place to record my thoughts and prayers as I spent time in the Scripture each day.  What an encouragement to not skip this ever so important step of taking time with the Lord!  There was also a section for addresses and phone numbers, a section to help me work through long term goals or projects, and it was complete with beautiful Scripture verses and a top quality binder.  Even the page marker was pretty!   And, to top it all off, there was a 3 hour "seminar" on tape (now CD!) that covered how to best use the planner, presented by its developer, Jennifer Neef.  It was wonderful!!

As the years passed, and the seasons of my life changed, I used many different GraceWorks products, some at one time and some at another.  And then, one day in 2008, Jennifer passed the GraceWorks torch to me and my family.  How humbling for me to be able to offer the very pages and accessories that have touched my life in so many ways!    

Today, the GraceWorks product line has grown to include some new favorites.  We now offer a FREE 28 Day Challenge, the dated Classic Home Journal Line, and downloadable full-size planning pages, to name just a a few!   But our goal remains the same... to encourage ladies to be a blessing by using their time, their money and their talents more effectively as they grow in the love of Christ daily.

I hope you’ll grab a cup of tea and take a few minutes to browse our website.  There is so much to see!!  Have some questions?  I can be reached at  

Many Blessings!!