The 28 Day Challenge

$ 7.95

Have you heard about the Beautiful Life Management 28 Day Challenge?  

We first ran the challenge almost nine years ago on the GraceWorks blog to help ladies like yourself get their home in order while becoming more familiar with their new Beautiful Life Management System planners.  Hundreds of ladies have taken the challenge through the years - with and without using the Beautiful Life Management pages.  For 28 days you will have assigned tasks to do around your home, as well as a challenge.  And you'll have some tips and mini devotionals included as well!   Use it as a training tool for a new system, a jump-start for an old one, or it can even be used as a trial run of the Beautiful Life Management System by ordering the 1 month sample pack of pages for $7.95 (including shipping!). You can do the challenge on your own or you can email me each day with your progress.  If you choose to email me each day you'll have the opportunity to earn points and prizes, and you'll have your own personal cheerleader... Me! :-) 

The 28 Day Challenge comes in two ways! You can order the FREE PDF (sent by e-mail), or you can order the PDF plus the Sample Packet for $7.95!  Choose your preferred option from the drop-down box above!



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