Beautiful Life Management System

$ 40.00

The Beautiful Life Management System is a practical daily planning system that seeks to encourage you both in your walk with the Lord and the management of your home. The system is especially designed for those who have struggled using a planner in the past. It offers a roadmap for your day and even includes housekeeping suggestions! As you order this set, plan now to set aside a few hours to have your own little retreat to get to know your new system. Put on your most comfortable clothes, sit down with a cup of tea, and spend some time listening to the 4 CD workshop that is included. You can even join our 28 Day Challenge for encouragement and personal training as you get started! 
The Beautiful Life Management set includes:
• Beautiful Life Manager Daily Sheets (50 sheets / 100 days)
• Morning Latte Devotional Pages (25)
• frequently Called Number Pages (3)
• Fold-out Year at a Glance Calendar
• Blank Note Paper (12)
• Mountains of Success Pages - Encouragement in estabishing new habits and reaching goals (5)
• Keeping in Mind Pages (10)
• Yearly Calendar - undated, 2 pages per month
• Purpose Sheet & Questionnaire
• Glossary Sheet
• 2 Page Markers - wide and narrow
• Tab Set
• 4 CD Workshop Series
• FREE Canvas Starter Binder
• ...and a coupon for a free package of Beautiful Life Manager Pages with your next purchase!

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