Journaling Through May - Week Three! May 14 2018


If you are just now finding this series, welcome! Feel free to click the links below to catch up with what has been happening!!

Week One

Week Two

Week Two Recap:

Last week I focused on gratitude. The nice thing about a gratitude journal is you  can write in it at any time during the day - or all through the day! I ended up writing in mine at night before I went to bed.

I did miss a day, I’m sorry to say. I went to bed one night with that “I think I’ve forgotten something, but I have no idea what it is,” feeling, and it wasn’t until the next morning I remembered! You can always start again, though - so I did that night. :)

My gratitude journaling seemed to focus on my happiness that spring is here. Birds, rain, sunshine, new leaves, warmer weather…! But sprinkled throughout are special things, both large and small, as well as every-day things that most of the time go unnoticed. I am realizing that the more I focus on gratitude, the more things I find I am grateful for!

If chronicling gratitude on the Journal pages doesn’t work for you, you might enjoy taking a sheet of notepaper or a sheet from the Promise Pack to keep a gratitude list. A running list of everything you are grateful for. That way you can flip to it at any time of day, jot down what is on your mind at the time, and not feel obligated to fill in a certain amount of space (such as a whole journal entry).


On to Week Three!

Remember the list of journal ideas from Week One? Here’s what we have left to choose from:

  • Quotes Journal
  • Prayer Journal
  • Looking Inward (Emotions) Journal

My journaling this week is going to focus on Quotes

This one is a little different, I admit. 

There are two ways I considered doing this:

  1. Write down all the quotes I come across every day that catch my attention.
  2. Focus on one quote I have found, journaling about it through the week until I am satisfied with my thoughts.

I am going to try number two. When I find quotes that interest me, I usually write them down so I can think about them later. That “later” rarely happens. So…why not make it the focus of my journaling for the week?

Quotes can be found anywhere. A friend. The pastor’s sermon. The Bible. A book your are reading or a movie you watched. Even a song! Whatever quote has caught your attention, perhaps there is a special reason for it - something worth digging into.

The quote I am going to focus on:

“The most important thing about faith is it’s all…or nothing. You can’t do faith halfway.”

If I journal for a few days and find I am satisfied in that amount of time, then I will move on to another quote for the rest of the week. If not, I will explore my thoughts on this particular quote for the next several days.

Have a lovely week!